Fun and Safe Things to Do in BC in Bad Weather: Go Ziplining

May 10, 2017
Try ziplining as a fun and safe activity to do in any kind of weather.

Try ziplining as a fun and safe activity to do in any kind of weather.

You’ve just about checked off every box of things to do in BC for your family.

So far, you have:

  • Soaked in the hot springs 
  • Enjoyed breathtaking views on a hike 
  • Played more than one round of golf
  • Steered your bike down some amazing single tracks
  • Stand-up paddleboarded on crystal clear waters

And now it’s starting to rain.
Did you know there is a fantastic activity in the East Kootenays and the Columbia Valley that you can do with the whole family in just about any kind of weather?

The Mineral Mountain Zipline at Fairmont Hot Springs is a must-try adventure! 
It’s also a safe activity: Our course meets all inspected safety standards. Our accredited and friendly guides will help you with your safety harness and helmet, and will lead you up to every launch station and meet you at the end of each line. They are also your cheerleaders.

So don’t let bad weather stop you from having a lifetime adventure and experience the most thrilling activity out of things to do in BC.

Here’s how you can be prepared in bad weather and still fly with the birds on our adrenaline zipline.


Rain, rain, it’s OK

Don’t let a few drops or a downpour turn you off from experiencing one the most fun things to do in BC. Ziplining in the rain can be a complete splash. Not only can you cool off in high temperatures, the rain actually lubricates the zipline so you can fly even faster.

If wearing rain gear, make sure it is not too bulky, so it can be worn under your safety harness.

In case of excessive winds or lightning, your guides will immediately close the course.
It’s always a good idea to check weather reports before you come to the zipline, or call ahead.


You’re hot and you’re cold

Just like on wet days, Mineral Mountain Zipline also operates in hot or cooler weather, but it’s best to be prepared as the weather in the mountains can change on a dime. Temperatures at Fairmont Hot Springs are known to reach as high as 26 degrees Celcius (that's 82.3 F!) in July and August, but can cool down to as low as 7 degrees.

If it’s the middle of summer, it’s best to bring:

  • sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher — remember to apply it at least 15 min before going out!
  • sunglasses with a neck strap
  • a light jacket in case it cools down
  • closed-toe shoes (Crocs or sandals are not recommended as they can fall off)
  • shorts or light pants are OK, but make sure they are loose-fitting and/or long enough to comfortably wear a harness

If you forget your hat, don’t worry about it! Your noggin will be fully protected as all zipliners are required to wear a provided safety helmet.


Listed as one of the latest things to do in BC, Mineral Mountain Zipline was the first to open in the Columbia Valley. Our East Kootenay zipline is set amongst a canopy of trees and open spaces that offer incredible views of Fairmont Creek, Columbia Lake, the Hoodoos, and the Purcell Mountains. Mineral Mountain Zipline is open for adventure from May to October!