Elevate Your Senses!

Prepare to take flight on the joyride of a lifetime as you glide effortlessly through forest canopies and across Fairmont Creek on the picturesque Mineral Mountain Ziplines course. Nestled at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, our course will feature six mind-blowing lines that provide a thrilling combination of speed, height and distance.

Zipline Tour Duration

2+ hour fully guided tour with 6 ziplines

Zipline Height

Zip up to 150ft (46m) above the ground

Zipline Length

Zip 1,500ft (450m+) on the longest line

Zipline Speed

Zip up to 80km/h

The site for Mineral Mountain Ziplines is rich with geographical and ecological features, and everything we do is designed to minimize our impact on the area. We want our guests to enjoy the stunning views of the larch and Douglas fir forests, the hoodoos and Columbia Lake in their purest form. -Mineral Mountain Ziplines

Now Open!

At Mineral Mountain Ziplines, our vision is to create an adrenaline zipline adventure that heightens the senses and reconnects our guests with the magnificent natural surroundings of the East Kootenays. From imposing mountain headwalls to quirky hoodoos, there’ll be no shortage of things to marvel at as you zigzag across Fairmont Creek from high above.

During the tour, guests will be safely escorted by two highly trained guides. Their job is to encourage and entertain you as you navigate six of the most exhilarating ziplines found anywhere in the province.

By partnering with Fairmont Hot Springs Resort, we provide the perfect launch point for your zipline adventure. Renowned as one of the top tourist attractions in BC, there’s so much to do in the area for the entire family… can you say ‘zip and dip?’




Child (14 & under)


Group Rates

8 or More

$5 off/person

16 or More

$10 off/person

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