Worth a Thousand Words: FREE Ziplining Photos

June 22, 2023
Forever remember your zipline adventure with our complimentary photo service!

Forever remember your zipline adventure with our complimentary photo service!


We all know the importance of living in the moment (especially during those special moments like experiencing the best zipline in BC), but with cell phone usage on the rise, it can be difficult to do so. Particularly when you want to capture pictures of the moment to immortalize forever!

No need to fear though! On your zip trekking adventure with us at Mineral Mountain Zip Lines, we include a free photo service as a cool part of your ziplining package.


Say Cheese!

One of our experienced and welcoming guides will take your complimentary photos throughout the tour experience. Everything begins when you’re strapped into your gear and feeling those anticipatory butterflies in your stomach as you face the first few short ziplines of the tour. This picture is taken with your whole group, so you’ll always remember the people who had your back for this experience.

Then, each party member gets a solo photo while on the zipline at some point during the tour. Whether you’re zipping over Fairmont Creek or across our 2,000-foot-long zipline (Canada’s longest zip line!), you’re sure to get a good shot of the Douglas fir trees and the gorgeous Columbia Valley. No need to worry about being poised for the camera – the best ziplining pictures are those that capture you at your most emotive!

Finally, our guides will take a picture of your entire windswept group after crossing the finish line of our roughly two-hour zipline course. Definitive proof of the magical experience you’ve all had together on this day.


Post or Print It!

After your zipline tour has been completed, all photos of your group are automatically sent to you via the email and phone number used to sign the group up for the experience. Whether you want to get these photos printed to hang in your home (or gift them to family & friends, not to brag or anything) or share on social media for those sweet likes, we make the process easy. Through our photo portal, you can quickly upload your photos to be shared across multiple social media platforms. Nothing like an action shot to get that internet clout!


Thank you!

Alongside sharing your memory-laden pictures to the internet (where your bravery will live in infamy since nothing is ever truly deleted from the internet), our photo portal also gives you the opportunity to review our zipline course on several review platforms. Ziplining is quickly becoming one of the top tourist attractions in BC, and we hope you’ll agree that we’re #1!




Want to see some example pictures of guests having the time of their lives on our zipline? Check out some of the photos available on our website!

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