Throwing You Some Shade - In All the Right Ways

July 21, 2023

Whipping through the trees while cruising down the side of a mountain on a zipline is a thrilling summer activity that you definitely want to check off your bucket list. Mineral Mountain Ziplines offers an exhilarating, family-friendly series of rides to those in search of the best in aerial eco-adventures. This superior experience in the sky hosts ziplines as high as 200 feet (~60m) and as long as 1,600 feet (~500m).

While the trees and elevated platforms provide lovely shade and a cooling breeze as you zip along, it can get warm at the office while you spend an important ten minutes harnessing up with your guide. Blowing fans just weren’t doing the job in our intense BC heat, so the expert zipline team at Mineral Mountain has made your comfort and safety a top priority with the installation of a brand-new canopy.

This handsome new roof structure is customized to protect you and the zipline equipment from the blazing sun and UV rays as you get ready to set out with your guide. And because the zipline fun continues even when it’s raining, the canopy offers additional protection by ensuring customers aren’t getting drizzled on or climbing into a damp harness.

Completed in May, the structure is done in our company colour, Blue Jay Blue, and has provided plenty of welcome relief to zipline staff and customers as our summer swelter shows no sign of easing.

Are you excited to explore a guided summer eco-adventure that comes with stunning views of the forest and Columbia Lake, along with free souvenir photographs to take home afterward? Reach out to Mineral Mountain Ziplines today for more information, and book your own exciting spot among the trees and under the canopy!


Want to see some example pictures of guests having the time of their lives on our zipline? Check out some of the photos available on our website!

Mineral Mountain Ziplines gives visitors, neighbours, and their families a bird's eye perspective of the wilderness around them. Plus, it’s a complete rush for that little adventurer inside of all of us. Visit to book a tour.