Practice Your Swing, on the Ground and in the Air!

May 18, 2018
From swinging the clubs to swinging along a zipline, there's plenty to do at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort, BC.

From swinging the clubs to swinging along a zipline, there's plenty to do at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort, BC.

If you’re heading to Fairmont Hot Springs Resort, BC this summer and you’re talking to your buddies about ‘working on your swing,’ you’ll have to be a little more specific these days. That’s because you could be referring swinging your clubs at one of the many golf courses in the area, or to swinging along the course at Mineral Mountain Ziplines. 

Of course, you could always do both. The seasons are roughly the same and you don’t really have to be all that skilled to enjoy either activity (although it sure is nice when you can string together a few decent shots to collect that elusive birdie).


An All-day Outdoor Affair

Of all the things to do in BC in the summer, golf is right up there with camping, swimming and hiking. As a newer activity in the Columbia Valley, ziplining is also steadily increasing in popularity.

Now imagine being able to do both in a single day! Well, it’s certainly possible. You could start off by hitting the links at one of the courses at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort, BC, which include:

  • Mountainside (18 hole)
  • Riverside (18 hole)
  • Creekside (9 hole)

For 18 holes, it would take three to four hours (and half that for nine), depending on the flow of play and whether you’re using a cart or walking on foot. 

After that, you’ll probably want to fuel up with a hearty meal before embarking on the Mineral Mountain Ziplines course later in the day. These guided tours typically take about two hours.


The Longest Yard

Every summer, Fairmont Hot Springs puts on its annual Airport Long Drive Competition. Hosted at the Fairmont Hot Springs Airport (CYCZ), participants have a chance to whack a ball down the 6,000-foot runway. If you’ve ever watched the movie Tin Cup, you’ll know how far a ball can travel on asphalt!

Check their website for the event date and times.


Golf and Zipline Attire Aren’t Quite the Same

If you’ve ever played on an upscale golf course, you’re probably familiar with the dress code: collared shirt and either slacks or dress shorts. That’s not exactly how things work on a zipline course.

Basically, we want you to feel comfortable and safe. That means dressing for current weather conditions and no open-toed shoes (i.e. golf sandals won’t cut it). Other than that, if you want to wear your neon green golf shirt with argyle knickerbockers, go for it!


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If you’re looking for a fun, exciting outing in Fairmont Hot Springs Resort, BC, check out Mineral Mountain Ziplines. We’ve been voted as the No. 1 thing to do in the area by visitors.