How We Make Ziplining in BC Fun and Safe

June 21, 2018
The trolley and harness are two of the most important pieces of safety equipment when ziplining in BC.

The trolley and harness are two of the most important pieces of safety equipment when ziplining in BC.

Ziplining in BC is becoming one of the most popular activities for tourists in search of excitement. It combines the natural beauty of the outdoors with the feeling of flight. But with the high elevations and fast speeds comes a responsibility to do everything possible ensure our guests’ safety. 

Riding a zipline is a safe activity, provided the operating company is committed to:

  • Maintaining the course and equipment
  • Providing highly trained guides
  • Following strict safety protocols

Here are a few examples of the things we do to mitigate risk.


In-house Guide Training

Believe it or not, ziplining in BC wasn’t always a regulated outdoor adventure activity (in some countries, it still isn’t). Locally, that duty now falls to Technical Safety BC (formerly known as the BC Safety Authority). This organization also oversee companies that operate things like:

  • Chairlifts
  • Waterslides         
  • Amusement rides
  • Elevators

One aspect of our operation that Technical Safety BC regulates is guide training. Due to our vast experience, we’ve been grandfathered in to conduct our training in-house. Other newer zipline companies are required to hire trainers externally. 

Our ability to provide internal training gives us a big advantage in that we’re able to tailor the instruction to optimize our tour experience. We understand the nuances of our course and how it works. This helps ensure ziplining ticks all the boxes for being among the most fun things to do in BC, while also being one of the safest.


Safety Orientation

Visitors who tour our zipline, which is located right next to Fairmont Hot Springs Resort, BC, must first go through a safety orientation detailing the dos and don’ts of ziplining. We explain: 

  • Safety protocol
  • What to expect
  • How the equipment works

Most importantly, we urge our guests to listen to our guides, as they’ll be the ones leading them through the course.


The Equipment

Each guest is fitted with a full-body harness that goes over the shoulders and around the legs. While our course is always maintained to prevent accidental contact with overhanging branches, we provide helmets as an added precaution.

Our trolleys—a device that sits above the zipline cable and glides on a wheel bearing—are rated for 18,000 pounds (we allow riders weighing a maximum of 265 pounds). Furthermore, visitors will always be tied throughout the tour. Whether you’re standing on a platform or zipping down a line (there’s also a backup lanyard), to ensure you safety.


Added Safety Protocol

For simplicity and added safety, our guides manually control the braking system to slow riders as they approach the platform.

Each zipline tour features two guides: one in the front and one in the back. That way, there’s one sending you and one catching you on each line. These guides always maintain radio communication to ensure there’s never more than one rider on a line at any one time.


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