Places to go in BC: Visit Fairmont Hot Springs For A One-Stop Holiday

July 20, 2017
Golf is an attraction you’ll find at Fairmont Hot Springs, one of the places to go in BC for a one-stop holiday destination. Photo courtesy of <a href="">Fairmont Hot Springs Resort</a> 

Golf is an attraction you’ll find at Fairmont Hot Springs, one of the places to go in BC for a one-stop holiday destination. Photo courtesy of Fairmont Hot Springs Resort 

For those who have been on multiple road trip trips, you know that rhythmic routine. It goes something like this: Pack the car – forget something – return home – leave again – turn up stereo while kids fight in back seat – fight traffic – arrive at destination – unpack – attempt to sleep it off – pack again – get in the car…

Although it’s fun to explore new avenues and see the sights along the way, let’s face it, travelling to multiple destinations can be exhausting.

Of the places to go in British Columbia, there are a few one-stop destinations that offer a multitude of attractions, so you can park the car, unpack, relax and stay for a while.

One of those one-stop destinations is Fairmont Hot Springs, which is a resort community that offers a number of activities and attractions to satisfy every member of your family. 

Here’s how:


Location, Location, Location

Located at the headwall of the Rocky Mountains and along the Columbia Valley, Fairmont is listed as one the best places to see in British Columbia because of its spectacular scenery and four-season playground. Where else can you go ziplining in and then soak in natural hot springs all in the span of one day?


Activities Central

At the epicentre of all this fun is Fairmont Hot Springs Resort, which is where the hot springs are located as well as the area’s newest attraction, the zipline adventure at Mineral Mountain Ziplines.

This adrenaline adventure, which opened to the public in 2017, features six lines of non-stop excitement with incredible views that will get your heart racing.

Both the hot springs and Mineral Mountain Ziplines are listed as the top 10 things to do in Fairmont Hot Springs (according to TripAdvisor).

Some of the other top things to do in the area include:

  • Hiking Hoodoo Trail
  • Golfing (there are four courses listed in Fairmont alone, including three at the resort)
  • Going on a river rafting tour
  • Enjoying the views Columbia Lake Provincial Park
  • Kayaking down the Columbia River
  • Skiing or snowboarding in winter at the resort’s ski area


Relax and Stay for a While

Besides the non-stop adventure, a one-stop destination needs to have the amenities. You need places to stay, restaurants, shopping, and fun, safe activities for the kids. Good news! Fairmont Hot Springs Resort has all that and more.  

For places to stay you can choose from:

  • Resort rooms
  • Apartments
  • Cabins and cottages
  • RV and tent camping

Restaurants include fine and casual dining as well as grab and go coffee and treats. You can also shop for swim and golf gear, clothing, gifts and more. The resort’s Activity and Experience Centre offers kids day camps for ages 5-12 as well as a base camp with bouncy castles, mini golf, tennis courts, volleyball, and much more.


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Make your holiday memorable by visiting Mineral Mountain Ziplines at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort. Mineral Mountain offers a fully-guided tour along six ziplines that feature spectacular views of the area’s natural hoodoos, mountains and Columbia Lake.