Adventure Tour: 3 Columbia Valley Attractions with the Best Views

August 08, 2017
Kayaking is one way see the views while on an adventure tour of the Columbia Valley. (Photo courtesy of <a href="">Fairmont Hot Springs Resort</a>) 

Kayaking is one way see the views while on an adventure tour of the Columbia Valley. (Photo courtesy of Fairmont Hot Springs Resort

It’s the longest river in the Pacific Northwest. A fast-flowing source of power, with endless tributaries, the mighty Columbia River starts in the southeast section of BC, known as the Columbia Valley. Its source is Columbia Lake, located between the communities of Fairmont Hot Springs and Canal Flats.

This picturesque valley offers endless scenic views of the Rocky and Purcell Mountains, the valley floor that is covered in verdant wetlands teeming with wildlife, as well as attractions for those wishing to embark on an adventure tour of all levels.


Here are three fantastic attractions in the Columbia Valley where you can take in those incredible views from various vantage points:


1. From Above – Go Zipling:

Ziplining is growing as one of the top things to do in BC, and it’s no wonder. What better way to capture the scenery than gliding above the trees as you zip along forest and glen? One of the newest attractions is Mineral Mountain Ziplines at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort, which offers incredible views of the surroundings.  Open from May to October, this zipline park is quickly becoming of the best ones in British Columbia.

Here are some of the natural attractions you will see:

  • Rocky Mountain headwall
  • Columbia Lake
  • Natural hoodoos
  • Fairmont Creek
  • Nature in all its glory


2. From Midway – Visit the Hot Springs:

The Columbia Valley is home to a number of natural hot springs, where you will get a surrounded by a panoramic view of the mountains and nature around you. Two of the best known are Radium Hot Springs and Fairmont Hot Springs Resort, which offer large pools of varying temperatures where you can either swim or soak. These resorts also have restaurants, shower facilities, and in the case of Fairmont, accommodations, golf courses, a fully-serviced spa and other tourist attractions in the Columbia Valley.

If you're looking for something a little more "au naturel" Lussier Hot Springs, located off Highway 93/95 in Whiteswan Provincial Park, is a 17-kilometre drive along a winding forestry road that looks down on the Lussier River gorge. Then just a short hike will bring you to these historical stone-bordered pools, warmed by the natural sulphur springs. Situated alongside the riverbank, they offer incredible views of the area.


3. From Below – Float Along the River:

For those who want to embark on an up-close adventure, there’s no better way than going river tubing, rafting, or paddling. Fairmont Hot Springs Resort rents out tubes at its Riverside Golf Course, where you can take a scenic float along the Columbia River to see the area’s wetlands. Or for a (slightly) faster adventure on the Columbia’s waters, you can travel the river’s bends and flats by canoe or kayak. For adventurers who prefer whitewater, there are several river rafting companies who will take you down the local rapids at nearby rivers and creeks, or you can bring your own kayak or canoe to venture further into one of the most beautiful locales in BC.


There are more adventures to be had. Visit our blog: 4 Ideas for An Adventure Tour in the Columbia Valley.


Looking for the ultimate adventure from high above the Columbia Valley? Mineral Mountain Ziplines at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort is open from May to October. You and your family and friends can travel along six different lines, which all offer spectacular views. Book online or call us today at 1-844-888-6695.